Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Position = Raise!

Yesterday's good news of a new position in the company that Will works for was over shadowed by Ben's issues, and my own personal breakdown. I felt horribly about it, but today being a new day, and most of my life or death issues from yesterday being taken care of, I can sit down and write a little about it.

One of the guys that Will works with, or I should say one of the guys who no one really cares for too much is leaving the company so he can go back to school. So yesterday morning they called Will into the main office with all the head honcho's and he SWORE he was in trouble for something. Missing part, an error, anything!

He was relieved when he not only found out this guy (who is apparently a complete asshole to everyone) was leaving, but even better, they are offering Will his job! Which is a more intricate part of the company, and also higher paid.

Woot Woot!
We had talked about this earlier in the year when we brought up long term careers, and supporting our family in the long term. We had agree that if he did not get a raise or new position after being with this company for two years, he would start to search for a career else where. Looks like we won't have to worry about it now!
Less than a year at the company and he is moving up the chain!

I am so proud of him, he is such a hard worker, bends over backwards for everyone, and is always the first to offer extra help or to stay late to help further himself, and now it has paid off!

Pretty soon we will both be able to rest a little bit easier at night!

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