Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You Can't Write This Stuff!

You know what that is? It is a Ground Hog. Kind of like that little guy who tells us if we have 6 more weeks of Winter left in February. It is also the last thing I expected to find in a cage match with my dogs in my backyard today.

Fast forward from February 2nd till June 23rd, and my tale begins. This afternoon I let the dogs back outside after having them in for their "cool down" session for a while which included a nice bowl of ice water, and a couple chicken nuggets this kids threw them. Well I let them back out and in less than 5 minutes of my mutts being outside, they started barking like someone was trying to come in the yard. The catch? They have barking collars now. We have had issues with neighbors complaining about "barking dogs" (which most of the time is the neighbor two doors down but that is another tale for a different day) so Donna invested in these for the dogs.

I knew something was serious so I got up from feeding the kids, and went to see what was up. I walk onto the side deck and the Polish Granny from next door is waving her arms and yelling something I could not translate into English, so I started walking down the steps to the back yard and I saw it... Teeth snapping, hissing, and trying to eat my dogs, as the dogs tried to tag team it. What a nightmare!

I immediately screamed for our next door neighbor on the other side, Tom. Thankfully his mother was outside and went running to get him as I tried to get the dogs back into the house, or at least onto the other side of the yard which is split off for the kids to play in.

As Tom came to the rescue I got the dogs inside and ran to get a box, and the phone so I could call Animal Control. Well apparently our tax money isn't any good because the Animal Control in our town doesn't "trap wild animals". Well what the hell is animal control good for then?? The woman can't even catch a dog?!?! (Another tale for another day! LOL)

By the time I got back outside Tom had got the critter into the box, and freed it into the woods behind our houses. Thank god because I wasn't paying someone to rid that thing out of my yard after it got itself stuck inside a rock!

Never a dull moment!

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