Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Benjamin's Treatment Plan

Today we sat down with Ben's Birth to Three worker and wrote out his treatment plan for the next six months. We can pull it and review it at any point in time, but it must be reviewed again in six months.

Some of our goals include :
  • Benjamin becoming mobile (crawling, cruising & walking)
  • Having Benjamin using expressive language for his wants and needs, whether it be orally or through baby sign language.
  • Using his own hands together meaning at the same time and the same tasks.
Simple goals I easily see in reach over the next few months. I don't think we are going to need a full six months to complete this. Maybe the speech but certainly not the physical developments.

They gave me the results from Ben's initial evaluation, his scores, and how the scores are calculated, etc.
Included in the package of information about the program, as well as a support group they offer to parents every Thursday or Friday. It seems like a really neat idea, but until things start to slow down for our family, I can't take on any more new committeements. Especially since they are held over 45 minutes one way from out home.

Our first therapy appointment is going to be July 22nd!

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