Saturday, July 17, 2010

Big News! I got a JOB!

Yes, you heard that right! I got a job! One where I am going to be getting paid bi-weekly, real, steady income! Best part of all? I am still going to be at home with my kids, and doing what I love. Blogging!
I got picked up by the company Go Mama Go Designs, that is sponsoring me for BlogHer, and I worked a deal to be their Social Media Director. What exactly does that entail?
Running their blog, twitter account, facebook fan page, reaching out to other bloggers to get them writing about their products, etc.

I am super excited. When they sponsored me for BlogHer, they sent us a free crib set, one of their feature products, The Wonder Bumper. Ben is working on sleeping in the crib after a year of the co-sleeper, and playpen, our only hang up now is we need another a/c unit for the boys room. But in the mean time, we set this up on his crib :

How cute? Not only is it totally stylish, but it helps prevent SIDS, and is a breathable bumper, unlike traditional crib bumpers. An amazing idea!
I am so happy to be working with this company, and in even more exciting news, I have two more companies that want to work with me on the same capacity.
I think 2010 is totally the year of Mama Elwood (as the guys at the FD call me).

We have had so much crappy luck, things are really starting to change, and I am so excited!

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chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

Yay! I totally think this will be the perfect job for you:-)