Thursday, August 26, 2010

Camden & School

For the past two days, Camden has been walking around the house asking to go to school. Yes, a child that is actually asking about school. I immediately figured I need to document this part of his life well, because in another 12 years he is going to be doing anything and everything to get out of going to school.

Pictures, and proof that at one point in time, he was literally begging to go to school will be handy once he decides he would rather sleep all day.
Although it is not a great picture, and I took it with my cell phone camera before he decided to take his school apparel off. How cute is he? He went into his bedroom and got his backpack, then grabbed his baseball cap like Daddy always does before he heads out of the house, and walked towards the front door proclaiming he was going to school 9:30 at night.

So today, part two of the school thing began, and I am not actively looking for a pre-school program that he can attend 2-3 days a week to break him into "school" and give me a much needed break. I will still have Ben at home, but knowing that Camden will be having some kind of one-on-one teaching, and learning going on is a great help.

So, here is to the great pre-school search!


mom2natnkatncj said...

you might be too late for this, but be sure to check the public schools to see if they have any sort of pre-k program. We got CJ into one this year, but we had to apply last year. They fill up quick. Mostly because they are free. Your birth to three person for Ben might be able to help you find something too since they transition 3 year olds into schools. There might be a peers program that would be great for Camden.

The Elwood Family said...

We looked into that for this year, but Camden didn't meet the requirements. He had to be 3 on the first day of school, and potty trained, and he doesn't meet either of those requirements.

I do have him on the waiting list for that same program for next school year though.