Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tales from Toddlerhood : The Lollipop Obsession

Some days I have to think to myself, only a toddler could come up with this, and some people wouldn’t believe the stories that this kid comes up with or has to say. Today, it focuses around Lollipop’s, and a trip to my sisters house yesterday. Just look at that face… it is just screaming I am up to something right?

Well I had an appointment with the midwife practice the perinatologists refereed me to yesterday. Needless to say I was happy to get my prenatal care started was an understatement. Camden, my toddler, and Benjamin the youngest went to hang out with “Auntie Dawn” and their cousin Jacob who is a couple months younger than Camden. She was all prepared with toys, movies, and best of all Lollipops.

My sister is a health freak, so when I say lollipop, I don’t mean your run of the mill sugar filled, processed, crap treats. I mean all organic, made from fruit juice, no added sugar, something I probably could never find in a store or on the internet kind of treat. You get the drift right?

So shortly after I left, my toddler started to get upset. I typically only leave the boys with my mother, or my husband’s aunt, which is their second grandmother anyways, but I wanted to start to get the boys used to spending more time with my sister, and their cousin. Its easy, they only live 4 minutes away.

So here comes the first lollipop to calm him down, and comfort him to know I will be back shortly. No big deal. My appointment lasted slightly longer than I thought it would, and then I hit traffic on my way out of the city, along with all the commuters that were heading my way. By the time I got there, he was on maybe 3 or 4 lollipops. No big deal, its a serving of fruit, and he actually ate food too.

Before I was getting ready to leave with the kids, my sister was giving me a couple shirts for the boys that Jake has grown out of. Camden and Ben both get hand me downs from him, he is HUGE! He is not even 3 years old yet, in 4T and some 5T cloths. TALL and thin! So we put a zip up sweat shirt on Camden to try it on, and he looks at my sister and I with a totally straight face, and another lollipop in his hand, and says “This sweat shirt is making me sticky, take it off” LOL!

Are you sure it isn’t the 942nd lollipop you have in your hand that is making you sticky? It is the shirt?

Oh the joys of Toddlerhood!

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