Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Scare

I have been overall feeling like I have been hit by a truck. With Camden, I had horrible morning sickness, and with Benjamin I breezed through pregnancy with no issue what so ever. So I am kind of middle of the road this time around, although having two children, one of which is just starting to walk, and the other who has picked up the habit of talking back, makes the adventure slightly different.

I like to think I have been keeping up as good as I can on top of keeping up with work, commitments I have made, and writing deadlines I cannot miss. Although Will has been a great help, he cannot help all day, or when he is at class, or any other things he has with the fire department at this point.

Yesterday I woke up bleeding. I FREAKED out. As I am sure anyone in my situation would have done. The first thing I did was call Will to see what time he could come home, then I called my mother to come and sit with the children, and then finally I got the run around as to who I could see for an ultrasound, and blood work to see what was going on. Since I had not picked a prenatal care provider yet, as I still have one more to interview before making my final decision, it was almost impossible to get anyone to see me!

I ended up speaking with a nurse at the one practice I have interviewed and considered, and she said the on call for their practice would agree to have me come in, and check out what was going on. Finally around noon time I had an ultrasound, and exam with the OB, as well as a blood draw. Everything looks ok, the baby still has a good heartbeat for the gestational age, and there is no noticeable source of bleeding, which means it was probably a one time thing.

Thankfully it has stopped, and I will remain on "modified bed rest" until at least the end of my first trimester. UGH! The couch and living room set up is making it a lot easier with the kids, but it still sicks!


chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

That is really scary! I remember being so nervous that I was going to bleed like everyday of my first trimester. I'm so glad the baby seems ok though:)

Doreen Lombardo said...

Glad all is ok!