Monday, October 25, 2010

Circus Time

On Saturday Camden & I went to the Circus. Ben stayed with Grandma and made a pumpkin cheesecake, and some cookies. I figured he is still a little young to be interested.

Camden and I had a blast! He loved the Elephants and the tigers, and has been talking about them all week since we went... He was a little scared of everything at first, but started to warm up once I bought him one of those light up toys that cost AS MUCH as our ticket did. (Circus is highway robbery!)

Waiting outside to go in... He wasn't quite sure why we were waiting in a line...
A picture of the two of us waiting to go inside... Pardon the nasal morning sickness aid I had in my nose... I forget the thing is there sometimes, but it works wonders!We went down to the ring for the all access pre-show they do, and made some friends with the clowns. Rudy introduced Camden to all of the other clowns to try and make him more comfortable because he was pretty worried and scared. One of the other clowns took this picture, and then we started talking about camera's and photoshop... Who would have thought clowns know about that stuff!
Orange County Choppers made Ringling Brother's their own motorcycle. How neat is it? They incorporate it into the show before they start, and Camden wanted to ride it. LOL
He really wasn't into taking pictures, but he wanted to try all the clothes on that we could during the pre-show.
The infamous toy... Two things about this... It is DANGEROUS... It lights up and spins around and if you get too close to it, you will lose an eye. Two... We went through TWO before we got one that worked properly. Dead batteries, missing lights, you would think for $16 they could at least make sure they all work right? But that is the one HE wanted, so he got it. It made the rest of our day tons of fun without fright.When you tell a toddler to smile... apparently this is what you get...

On the way out, he got upset. He didn't want to leave the circus, and didn't understand why we had to leave. He wants to go back next year, and I think we will continue to go back, it was a lot of fun overall.

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mom2natnkatncj said...

Hey now clowns are people too. Did you know we even have kids of our own in some cases, lol?