Monday, November 1, 2010


While I am on a slight sugar high from all the candy I stole from my children, I figured I would get some pictures up. I see myself crashing very soon!

Benjamin as a Monkey
Camden as a Fireman... like any of us were surprised at what he wanted to dress up as?

The boys playing in the leaves...
My favorite picture of Camden from the day. Even though he was being cheesy.

The nicest picture I could get of both children together. Notice the puss on Camden's face?

Benjamin with Grandpa Momo dressed up.
Camden being himself and wondering why we were still waiting to go trick or treating...

The awesome cupcakes Mom made!


Dee said...

Love the cheesy picture of Camden. I so want to print that one.

chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

You got some super cute pics! And I love your new background (I need to redo mine this week.....can't believe the holidays are around the corner:)

The Elwood Family said...

Kaity... I was originally going to put up Christmas/Winterish stuff, but when I went to the site I get my backgrounds off of... they didn't have any up yet... LOL