Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Picking 2.0 & The Pumpkin Festival

Last week when we went pumpkin picking it was so busy we skipped the hay ride, and the typical stuff we do when we go to Jone's our local patch. Today we did part 2 when it was much less busy.

Even with 3 layers on, Ben looked like a Popsicle.Camden wanted to "hide" in the little play houses...
Sitting in the hay... that was Camden's "nice smile"
Ben hanging around with Daddy.

Once we were finished there, we went to the annual Pumpkin Festival at Booth Memorial Park. I love the fact that they have the Halloween celebration at one of the most haunted places where I grew up. I love the history of Stratford, and the park.

One of my favorite pumpkins...I thought this one was neat too...

Another neat pumpkin...
My favorite of all... It may not have had a ton of carving, but it was an awesome idea, and with my nautical background, how could I not love it?

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