Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mini Van Mom

If you know our family, you also know that I have been driving a blazer that I haven't really liked all that much for a little under a year now. Which certainly beat not having a car at all which is something I dealt with for a period of time when Will went back to work.

Two Sunday's ago, the Blazer died. I was leaving Lordship after dinner at my parents house, and I got on the main road, which is a two land road with a speed limit of 30 but people use as a drag racing track. I went to pull into the gas station and realized they were closed, so I was off to the next station. I wasn't worried, I still had over a quarter tank.

Then the car died. I pulled over into the right hand lane which had no break down lane. Threw on my flashers and prayed no one would hit me with the kids in the car the way they travel down the road there.

A cop came and sat behind me as I waited for my husband and father to get there. Eventually we got it back to my parents house. I really have NO idea how they got it there, but I had already taken my mothers car back to her house with the kids.

We called AAA to tow the car back to our house and determine what happened. The fuel pump was the culprit and that is when the debate started between me and Will. Should we look for a new car, fix the blazer, what? My stance the whole time was junk it. It served us good for the time, but in the next 6ish months, we are going to have to get a new car anyways because we can't fit 3 carseats in the blazer anyways.

Then I got a new contract, $450 a month to write 20 articles a month on top of the income I already have brought to the table. That sealed the deal and we found a minivan at a reasonable price, used, and started the process.

I am proud to say as of Tuesday night, we are the official owners of a Dodge Caravan in blue, my favorite color! I LOVE it! The kids love the room, and it is so nice having a car I feel comfortable, safe, and reliable in!

I want to thank my parents for all their help during the process, and all the support. I couldn't have done it without you guys!

I will take pictures soon!


chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

You are officially my first friend to own a mini van lol! I am so happy that you now have something you feel is safe and reliable:)

Anonymous said...

Scary about being stopped in a lane with cars rushing up behind you! Nice to hear you have a new vehicle.