Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Picking

Yesterday afternoon we took a trip to our local pumpkin farm Jones's and it was PACKED! We have never in our lives seen so many people there. We took a couple quick pictures and let Camden pick his own pumpkin out, but skipped the hayride and all the typical things we do.

We are hoping to go back next weekend when it is a little less crowded. And we can have a little bit more time. (Will had a side job through the fire department, so we were on a tight schedule yesterday)

Ben had NO idea what to do with all the room he could run in...

He also wanted the biggest pumpkin's he could find!

Camden didn't want to take his fireman's helmet off, and he wanted to sit on every pumpkin... So I gave up on trying to take too many pictures soon after we got there...
Camden picked his own pumpkin for the first time this year! He has been carrying it around the house and playing with it, putting his fire helmet on it, totally cute to watch. I am going to try and paint it with him in the next couple days...

Ben picked his own too!

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