Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Check List

I have been thinking about things I must get done before Christmas... Obviously I have a lot of shopping to do, although I got a ton of it done already, mostly for the children. I also saved a ton of stuff I picked up at BlogHer earlier in the year and stashed it at my parents house for the kids.

In an effort to really help me get things rolling... I needed to get my list up :

  • Make a list of people we are shopping for
  • Get the Christmas decorations down from the attic
  • Put up the Christmas lights outside - DONE
  • Plan our Christmas Eve, and Christmas day calendar so we know where we are going to be on what day and at what times.
  • Pre-write posts for December... Considering I have obligations for X amount of posts a week, etc.
  • Buy the kids Christmas outfits
  • Take pictures of the children for our Christmas cards
  • Actually fill out and mail out the Christmas cards
  • Get pictures with Santa done
  • Bake for the Holiday Party at the fire house
  • Bake for the Festival of the Trees through the fire house
I am sure there is so much more that is going to end up getting tacked on to the end of this list between now and Thanksgiving though... Speaking of Thanksgiving.. 8 days from now we will be celebrating it.

I know last week I was kind of in the skip the meal mood, but the past year has brought so much happiness, success, and blessings to our family, we have so much to be thankful for... and who isn't excited for my mothers amazing Chef like cooking?

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