Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Tale of a Saturday

Saying that Will and I have had a funny couple days would probably be a serious understatement. Last night we had a car behind us laying on the horn, literally for a good 5 minutes while we sat behind a school bus. Needless to say it turned into a joke, after we both ended up pissed off. LOL

Well today we had a nice lazy morning before bringing the children to get haircuts before the holiday. The day started off like this...

This... driven by Daddy dropped off special "sprinkles"

A special Saturday treat! Seriously, how many children do you know that have a fire truck stop at their house to bring them donuts? Camden is totally the coolest kid around. Haha!

After playing for a couple hours, and before leaving for hair cuts, Ben decided he was going to play until he fell asleep. The boys were playing with their toys on the living room floor, and then of course my couch pillows became a toy.
This is how it ended...

This kid could sleep anywhere... He curled up on the floor with his blanket and knocked out. He proceeded to sleep there for about an hour. I was scared to move him because I knew he would be up, and super cranky because he didnt get a nap.

Then we went for our hair cuts, and on our way home stopped at the ATM. The local bank only has a drive up, so we waited behind 4 cars for our turn. There was an elderly lady in front of us that really didn't know what she was doing. You could see her shaking while she was using the ATM, and then quickly pulled away.
We pull up to the ATM and her account was still open. It was asking how much we wanted to withdraw.
I quickly hit "return card" to close it out and I handed Will the card and he RAN to try and chase her down. Luckily she had pulled around to the other side of the building and park. She was going to try to go into the bank to get her card back. :( The bank was closed.

Needless to say I felt horrible for her, but I am so glad we are the people who pulled up after her. How many people would be honest and do what we did? How many people would have taken the maximum amount of money they could have out of the account? My heart broke thinking about what could have happened to her!

Thankfully she had honest people pull up after her!

That... was our Saturday in a nut shell!

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