Monday, November 15, 2010

Over Doing It : Mommy Style

Yesterday like any typical Sunday I headed to my parents house with the children. Will had the long awaited live burn for training... so you can see why I would be needing to get away and totally take my mind off of it...

Yes, clearly you get the picture of why I would be worried. LOL! So the boys and I went down to Mom and Dad's house, and we decided to go on a nice walk down to the beach. It was beautiful out... how could we not take full advantage of it? 60 degrees in mid November after we have already had snow!

We packed the wagon up and headed to the beach...

Me and Grandma took turns pulling the boys, and Camden even decided at one point he wanted to get out and pull Ben. It was tooo cute!

We let them play on the beach for a while, Ben was in his glory! He ran after a seagull going "Ducky Ducky" until it took flight. He kind of looked at me with the expression of... "Uh... Mom catch him!"

He clearly had big plans for the "Ducky" which probably included his mouth... ICK!

We walked back to the house, had dinner, the kids took a nap, which I took advantage of myself and laid down too. Woke up, and snacked some more before heading home.

I landed myself in the ER that night though. I am not sure if the walk, having to lift the wagon over the fence, or what did it to me but by 6pm I was in bad shape. Cramps, stabbing pain, a headache... I was miserable and worried.

I was taken in immediately, even before the poor guy in front of me who stepped on a nail. Everything with me looked fine. Blood pressure, temperature, all that jazz. The on call ER Doctor strolled in moments later with an ultrasound machine.

They weren't messin' around. He seemed kind of excited to get to use it too. I am sure they don't have a ton of pregnant women coming through the doors that they actually have the chance to check out since Labor and Delivery typically does most of that.

I was really happy to be able to see little Elwood #3. He/She was waving at us the entire time, and it also confirmed that the movement I think I have been feeling for about a week or two now, is in fact the baby moving around. I got to see him/her move around and feel it at the same time. Totally awesome.

The doctor was so excited using the machine, he even gelled me all up a second time to make sure I had a nice picture of #3 to go home with. Which is the above picture. I need to go scan it, but I wanted to share. The baby had it's hand right next to its face waving.

He totally tired to check out a crotch shot, but he/she wasn't showing much so we can wait till our big scan on December 9th.

Needless to say, it was a hectic Sunday.
Today, I am resting!

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mom2natnkatncj said...

Well, one thing I've learned with this pregnancy is the more you have the more you feel and the earlier you feel it. While I think lifting clothing bins and normal cleaning of the house should cause me little discomfort sometime this time around it does. Doctor has assured me that I am just overdoing it though and so long as I have no bleeding, contractions, or discharge we're all good. And apparently my 3 year old is 5 pounds heavier than I should be lifting. Okay, good to know.