Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mission : Get the boys in their room

I have been struggling to try and get some kind of "bedtime routine" for as long as I can remember. The boys have always thrived, and been frankly better behaved than most children I know who have iron clad structure in their lives, but I realized with a third child coming... we just can't wing it anymore.

Today I tore their room apart from head to toe and started organizing, packing crap away, and getting their beds prepared for a full nights sleep. Camden's bed has his jazzy Car's themed bedding all set and ready to go, and Ben will be giving the crib converted into a toddler bed a try. I was hesitant to switch it, but he can get in and out without an issue, and it seems like the mini baby cage would have been more of a fight with him.

I never realized how much STUFF those kids have! I could not believe all the toys, clothes, and everything I was finding hidden all over the place. Not to mention I think Camden has been hoarding shoes under his bed. At least I know where to go looking for them from now on.

I still have some more things to do, but I think I rocked it out while Will was outside working on the finishing winter touches of the yard, and hanging the Christmas lights. I will post pictures later, I am super excited at our display this year as we added a little something new.

Oh, I also re-organized the cloth diaper stash. I originally had the inserts folded in a large basket on top of the changing table, with the covers squeezed in between the inserts where ever I could fit them. Today I took one of my rubbermaid containers with drawers and consolidated some of my paperwork and childbirth class stuff I had in them, and freed up three drawers I could detach and use.

Top drawer is flush-able liners and boosters, middle drawer is the inserts, and the bottom drawer is my adorable Applecheeks covers. I was super excited to get two new colors in the mail today that were back ordered. Their limited edition Orange Zest and retired Chocolate color.
I can't wait to see what they come out with next!

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