Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wishful Thinking? I Think So!

Screw the ultrasound. I am convinced I am having a little girl. I am sure in 4 weeks I am going to be shocked back into reality with the fact that my husband can apparently only produce male offspring, but for the time being I am having one hell of a time fantasizing and decorating a little girl nursery.

On Etsy I found some of these adorable must haves that will go into our owl themed little girl room, if of course the baby shares the same anatomy as I!

I am debating between darker walls with this wall art :

Or light pink walls with a wall art along these lines :

Super cute either way... I am going to be doing the crib in Wonder Bumpers either way, and mark my words, this child will sleep in the crib!

As for the owl theme, I figured even if we have a little boy, we can still do owls, but we won't be doing a whole new nursery. We picked out our new swing, since Ben killed the last one too, the Woodland Animals swing, which includes mostly owls. New obsession of mine!

We got it on sale at Target.com and along with free shipping, also scored the matching bouncer for FREE! It was a great deal, and now I feel like once we get the new infant car seat, we really will be all set minus a couple small things like the bumbo, and the new diaper bag I want. Shhh don't tell Will about the diaper bag!

Baby planning is FUN!


firefleye7 said...

Absolutely adorable nursery decals! I will cross my fingers for you for team PINK! Decorating is only the beginning of $$$$ for a little girl...then there are bows & tutus :)

chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

You know me.....LOVE the owls!!!