Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Time

I have fully come to the conclusion that Thanksgiving isn't really a holiday, and once Halloween is over I am full speed ahead into Christmas mode. This was further accelerated by the snow we had to kick this week off.

Not only that, but it is super fun to harass my husband with Christmas music, insisting on putting the holiday lights up, and shopping for new ornaments for our family Christmas tree we have been slowly working on since Camden was born.

This year feels different to me though. This will be the second Christmas where I am pregnant, our third Christmas as a whole family, and shortly after Christmas will mark our four year mark as a couple. It seems like life is starting to settle into everything we planned together, and the holidays just make things so much more... magical.

This weekend I really want to get the outside lights up, at the least. I think the Christmas tree may be pushing it, but maybe I can do that while he is at work one day next week so he can't complain too much?

'Tis the Season!

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chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

I LOVE the holidays! I stay awake at night thinking about how I am going to make the season extra magical for Kambria:)