Monday, December 13, 2010

Celebrating Camden's Birthday

Sunday we had a small family get together to celebrate Camden's third birthday. This year we had a hard time putting together a "party" because of our friends and family having a lot of previous commitment's so we just thought we would make it small. Next year we are going to start planning in October to avoid that! LOL

We had dinner, and cake at my parents house, where Camden got some really cool presents! From Grandma and Grandpa he got two talking dinosaurs who are part of the show Dinosaur train. He has not left them alone yet!

Uncle Al, one of my father's motorcycle buddies who we have adopted got Camden an awesome Mustang GT remote control car. MAN is that thing FAST! Last year he got him a remote control Jeep Rubicon and the year before a electric motorcycled. Al loves Camden, can ya tell?

Uncle Danny, the brother I adopted years ago got Camden a motorcycle that does wheelies. Certainly a theme right?

Overall we had a lot of fun. I am glad all the family was 100% healthy and feeling better after the 24 hour bug we had hit this week.

Now onto the next holiday... Christmas, then New Years, and things can start to calm down enough for me to pull apart the spare bedroom, and start working on little princess's nursery. As I will call her till she has a name. LOL

By the way, tonight Will had to run to Walmart for dog food, and when he came home he got his little girl a mini stocking that says "Princess" on it. I started crying. "A little stocking for my princess" is what he said. He is already wrapped around her finger!

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