Saturday, December 11, 2010

Names Names Names!

Will and I always insisted that we would name our daughter Liberty Ann, and had Camden, or Benjamin been a girl, we would currently have a Liberty in our family. When we found out on Thursday that we are having a girl, Liberty got scrapped.

Her middle name will still be Ann, it is a family name. My middle name, my mothers, my grandmother's name, and Will's oldest sister's middle name. Not to mention growing up my best friend and I always called ourselves members of the "Ann club" because both of us had the same middle name as did our mothers... Longer story that really is necessary today. LOL

So now we are back to the drawing board for names... although we have a couple down we like already...

Addison Ann
Georgia Ann (Family names)
Madeline Ann
Dorothy Ann (Family names)
Delilah Ann (Not sure how Will feels about this one)

I really love Addison, and Madeline although they have become incredibly popular in the recent years. Everyone is voting for Georgia, and I think if we do use a family name Dorothy is going to be it. Will's grandmother was such an amazing woman, loving and everything we would want to name a little girl after. Plus, the older names are really starting to make a comeback!

I am so torn. I really want to use Liberty... and I don't want to be thinking about baby names. I thought we were all set if we had a daughter, and I feel like we are all the way back at square one. Luckily today marks 19 weeks of pregnancy for me, meaning this little girl will be here in exactly 20 weeks.

Sounds like a long time, but I KNOW it is going to FLY by!

Edit : After some further research, we have added...

Jocelyn Ann
Kendall Ann
Layla Ann
Nora Ann
Audrey Ann


Angel said...

I tweeted to you but my iPhone finally let me comment so I'll just C&P here.

I'm kind of a name nerd and frequent baby name boards. I really dislike Addison because its a boys name, regardless of being given to girls, it means son of Adam; I love Madeline but prefer Madeleine (prn -lynn ending) but then all three children would end in an "in" sound; Georgia is beautiful and I think it would fit well in a sibset with her brothers but it sounds a little too froo-froo for you; that leaves us with Dorothy and Delilah. Dorothy (NN Dottie) is on my long list of names so obviously that's where my allegiance lies but I think Delilah works best with brothers Camden and Benjamin; it has a feminine appeal without being too froo-froo. You can always say you're paying tribute to family member Dorothy with using a "D" name. As for Liberty, no offense but please don't. If you're looking for the NN Libby go for the classic Elizabeth; Liberty just looks like it doesn't belong with such classic names as Camden and Benjamin.

That being said, congrats on a little girl :) I hope you find the perfect name.

Anonymous said...

Love them all! And am so happy that you guys are having a baby girl. Will you ever share the boy's name you had finally agreed on?

mom2natnkatncj said...

Ha, when I got pregnant with Natalie we had instantly picked out a boys name (Brandon Nicholas). We struggled with the girl's name and finally agreed on Natalie Jean (Jean is a family name, my mom's middle name and Joe's mother's first name plus all the 1st born daughters in the family had the middle name Jean on Joe's side). So then I got pregnant with Kaitlyn and again we said okay boy Brandon Nicholas. Girl? Ummm we had no idea. We had a name picked out and then went back on it. We went back to it in the end though. Then fast forward to 3 years ago when I finally got my boy, lol. I didn't want Brandon Nicholas anymore. I guess I wasn't as in love with it as I thought. Joe was actually in agreement. I really wanted a CJ. Always wanted one. I thought he was going to be our last anyways so my last chance to have a CJ. So that's how we got Christopher Jack. I wanted Christopher James, but Joe suggested Jack and I liked it and I got my CJ ;). Now here I am almost 32 weeks pregnant with another girl. We have zero idea what to name her, lol. Girl's names just seem harder than boy's names to me. We have the middle name picked out. I told Joe it has to start with an M. So her middle name will be Margaret. First name will need to be a short one with such a long middle name. Joe wants Alyssa, I want Alex or Alexa. Everyone is saying Alyssa. I'm thinking this might be one of those babies where you just have to wait until she comes out to pick a name ;). Good luck coming up with a name. Might want to have a boy's name on standby though just in case. We would have been totally screwed if CJ ended up being a girl, lol.

The Elwood Family said...

The boy name we had agreed on was Jameson Christopher.

chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

I am feeling........

Layla (SUPER cute and I am partial to names that end in A)
Audrey (classic pretty/audrey hepburn)
or Madeline (yes trendy...but adorable all the same.)

And my entire family thinks the name Liberty is cool (I guess we are the only ones!:)

But seriously it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks......I was/am so in love with the name Kambria that I couldn't have cared less if anyone else liked it!

Anonymous said...

I like Georgia. It's not trendy & it seems to fit in with the boy names that you have.

One thing to think of is how other people & other kids will shorten the name (whether you want them to or not!!).

Dorothy = Dottie
Addison = Addie
Delilah = Lila
Georgia = Georgie
Madeline = Maddie

I agree with the other person about Liberty (sorry!!). It just doesn't fit.

Heather said...

If you are not set I have an idea....... Emerson Ann. I always loved the name Emerson for a girl but the hubby vetoed it EVERY time!!

the single mama said...

I love love love Liberty. Why'd it get scrapped? I also love Jocelyn. Dorothy is very, very traditional and I'm not sure she'd like it growing up. Georgia is also beautiful. Love Layla too. So classic.

The Dutch Girl said...

Funny, I am reading your blog backwards and Caroline is not in this list. When I was pregnant I did not want to know the sex of the baby. We had blue and pink pieces of paper on the fridge where we would write down possible names. We liked Lola right off the bat, but could not come up with a boy's name. In between contractions we were still flipping through baby name books. But it was a Lola.

Happy SITS Day. Enjoy the comment love today.