Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Tree, Santa, Festival of the Trees, and... LIFE!

I haven't updated in about a week. This past week has been slightly insane for the family. Lots of things to get done, I have been cooking every night (GASP! I know, shocking!) and we had to prepare for the Festival of the Trees that Echo Hose puts on annually now. We donated two trees this year, and helped with Set up, and the Festival.
Lots of fun, and we raised over $1300 for the Fire Department!

Last weekend we put up our Christmas tree. Thankfully it has lasted with the wrath of our children. I thought it was going to be touch and go at first, but we managed to lay down some ground rules, and it is all smooth sailing now. We also got an advent calendar to count down till Christmas. Camden picked out a Toy Story one. That is his new kick.

After we put the tree up, he wanted to be a clown and take pictures with no pants on in front of it. I told him to smile, and he smiled, and posed... he is my little cheese ball. You can totally tell he is my kid, because rewind 22 years ago, and this is a pose I would have been striking in front of a Christmas tree.

I have also started teaching myself how to cook better. I can cook probably 10 things pretty well, but I need to expand. It is boring, and the same things are certainly getting old when we are trying to cut back and not go out to eat. Last weekend I started this project, and I started with a couple recipes from The Pioneer Woman. She rocks... Above is her Ranch Style Chicken. It was amazing and I will be making it again!

Then there was the Festival of Trees on Saturday. One of the firemen dressed up like Santa, and Camden was so not interested in having anything to do with him. We only got him to sit on his lap after he pulled his beard down, and showed him that it was actually one of our good friends. Once he gave him the candy cane, we were golden. I am afraid of bringing him to see the "real" Santa in the mall now. I think he has Santa Phobia... Ben on the other hand wanted to climb all over him and play. He is a Santa champ.

Although we couldn't get him to actually sit still long enough to get a picture of him with the Fireman Santa. Maybe tonight at the Christmas Tree lighting I can accomplish that. Crossing my fingers!

On another note, this THURSDAY we find out what our newest addition to the family is. I am starting to think like everyone else, and say a third boy. Whatever... It's not like we can put it back or exchange it for another right? Either way, we are hoping for a very healthy little one. Thursday night, or sometime Friday I will post the results.

I was also able to accomplish some of my Christmas shopping. I got my mothers gift ordered, Dad's gift is picked out, Will's Christmas present is reserved, I just have to put the remainder of the deposit on it this week, I got Camden's birthday gifts bought, just need to wrap them...
Like I said, it was a BUSY week!

Next week will bring the last of the shopping I have to do for his birthday on Saturday... WOW! He is going to be 3! I cannot believe where time has gone!

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