Sunday, December 26, 2010


Christmas was eventful to say the least this year. Christmas eve was filled with a visit from Auntie Liz who brought the boys what seems to be their favorite toy... a big Mickey Mouse fire house and fire truck that goes along with it. Nothing better than Mickey and fire stuff. We are "working on" the sharing concept. LOL

Of course Camden wanted to stay up all night long, and sleep on the couch to try and catch Santa which made the job of the real Santa much harder, although we successfully got it all done... around 2am! Thank Gosh for alarm clocks!

This was first thing Christmas morning.... I love that picture of Ben, he was still just waking up, and so happy to be awake. Unlike Camden, he is happy in the morning. Oh, and the first words out of Camden's mouth... "SANTA CAME! Look he brought presents! All those presents!!!"

Ben wanted to eat Camden's new Car's underwear... LOL

And of course the dollar bin Dinosaurs were a bigger hit than the $150 remote controlled robot Dinosaur... Story of my life! At least I got a good deal on it! LOL

That right there... is the aftermath in our living room, although I am sure some out there had living rooms way worse than ours.

One thing I was kind of bummed out about was the choice Will and & made months ago not to exchanged any gifts between the two of us. I think he was kind of bummed out about it too while the kids were ripping through their presents. I feel a mini Mommy and Daddy Christmas coming up in January. LOL! Although the look on the faces of the boys was priceless. Every gift was new excitement and smiles. My heart melted over and over again, as I continued to hold back the tears. Hormones + Pregnancy + Christmas = Giant sappy Danielle. Hey... it happens.

Then for the afternoon we packed up the troops and headed to my parents house till late. Just like we always so on Christmas. I love spending the holidays with my family, and extended family.

We made Grandma open hers first...

Can we tell Will hates pictures?

The future of our Fire Department... LOL Can you sense a theme with the kids presents again this year?

Just some of the food Mom made... The ham was delish, as was everything she made, including the cookies I dove into that I should have passed on... Oh well, it is Christmas.. I can't watch the sugar every day... But I am certainly getting back into my diet to help prevent "gestational diabetes" again...

Ben was ready for bed! LOL

I actually like this picture, although Will wasn't too happy with it.

My fat face... lol

I LOVE this picture of Ben and Grandpa!

Overall Christmas was an amazing day, just like it is every year with the family. My cousin Courtney and my self took some hysterical belly pictures (my 20 week pictures although today I am 21 weeks) I will post them later on in the week once I have recovered fully from Christmas. Good thing we are getting hit with a blizzard because I need an excuse to bum around the house, and nap with the kids for the next couple days.
I honestly feel like I could sleep for an entire day after yesterday!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas too!

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