Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fantasy of Lights & Pepe's Famous Pizza

After missing an opportunity to go to The Fantasy of Lights on Saturday night, and then again on Sunday, Monday we were on a mission, which apparently screwed up the Fire Department's surprise delivery at our house scheduled for that night (whole other story!)

We started the night off on a mission to hit up Modern Pizza in New Haven at the suggestion of friends. We had been to Pepe's before, and wanted to give the other famous pizza place a try. We pull up in front, and they are closed! Apparently everyone forgot to tell us they aren't open on Monday. Doh!

So we made our way over to Pepe's. The line wasn't that bad, although these punk kids tried to get in front of us, which is when I spoke up in my best cranky pregnant woman tone with "I am pregnant, and hungry, DON'T CUT IN LINE!"

We were sat at table #20 only two tabled over from where Camden, Will, and I sat the day we got married at the New Haven City Hall while my parents were on vacation. LOL
Certainly brought back memories.

Will ordered this giant pizza, I guess a large is way bigger than he expected. (Leftovers for lunch at work for a week!) He got cheese, roasted red peppers (which Ben enjoyed) bacon and mushroom. Needless to say... that is what a $30 pizza looks like if you have never seen one before!

Ben really enjoyed the pizza, while Camden wanted no part of our family outing. He just sat in the corner of the booth, had maybe a half slice of pizza and drank his juice. At least he wasn't climbing under the table, or on his father.

I enjoyed a small Pepperoni pizza and it was sooooo good. I never get pepperoni because Will hates it, and 9 times out of 10 I am sharing with the kids.

We packed the kids up in the car and started to head down Wooster Street towards the highway... and there it was. A little Italian bakery... and it was still OPEN! I ran in and got all kinds of delish goodies. Chocolate dipped cheesecake for will, an eclair and canoli for myself, even though I shouldn't be eating them... and a couple small things for the boys. HEAVEN!

Once we were done there, we headed over to the Fantasy of lights.

Again you can kind of tell how uninterested Camden was at first as we were driving in the tunnel of lights. "Can we go back the other way??" Meaning... home!

I took a ton of videos, but this year, we were pretty disappointed. I felt bad because I had been insisting on going since they opened, and Will had never been... some of the lights were out, displays were missing lights, heck a couple of them had entire figures out.

It certainly wasn't what it used to be 5 years ago the last time we went.

Anyway, it was a fun night out as a family...

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