Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas - Baby Name Gift

I have been going back and forth on telling everyone the name of our little girl before she is born, or just waiting till she is born and announcing it then. I am also probably the most impatient person on planet earth, so keeping it in feels like it is eating me alive!
I figured as a Christmas present to all of our friends and family, I would let you in on the little secret. By the way... isn't she so cute? Haha! I am hoping she has Camden's nose, and Ben's bright blue eyes. I want her to be cuddly like Camden is, and quiet like Benjamin. They have so much to teach her, and I am so blessed to have three amazing children.

Without any further waiting...
Wait... What?
Neil Diamond? What does he have to do with anything?

Sweeeeeet Caroline... Ann Elwood!

Our little girl will be Caroline Ann Elwood after much debate, searching for the right name, Will and I going back and forth, and of course input from our loving family and friends.

For short, we will be calling her Carly, although I haven't finalized the way I want to spell her nickname yet. Carly, Carley, Carlee... Who knows... I got another 5ish months to figure it out!


Savannah Hernandez said...

When you figure out the name you just know in your heart that it's the right one! <3

Dayna said...

Cute! I love it!

Alicia Woods said...

Absolutley love it! its perfect! So happy you decided on a name.. last time i announced what our baby's name would be, people sent me cards to him.. christopher michalel.. hahah that didnt end up being his name lol..

Anonymous said...

I love it! I've always thought that Caroline, Carolyn and Carolina were such beautiful names. But, I got a boy!


Anonymous said...

I love Caroline, that's a very cute name & I wishhhhhhh you wouldn't shorten it to Carly! (Only for the reason that Caroline is such a great name)

The Elwood Family said...

No matter what she is going to end up with a nick name because Caroline is such a long name. Carol, Carrie, etc. No thanks, I hate all those names, so I figured if we make our own nick name and shorten it before people get to that point we will head it off.