Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mom Vs. The Grocery Store

Typically a trip to the grocery store isn't all that bad... but we are expecting some insane blizzard tonight that is supposed to bring us 8-16 inches of snow so I knew it wasn't going to be my typical grocery trip.

I don't mind going to the store, actually I like going because I can plan my menu in my head, price compare and not worry about all the added stuff that my husband would typically come home with, although he is getting better with that these days... LOL

So, after trying to get to the store for the past 4 days, I knew I needed to get there today... snow and all. My kids would have offed me without juice, fruit, and snacks over the next 48 hours I estimate we will be snowed in for.

I had to sike myself up for it... which was kinda sad. I have heard all these horror stories about the grocery store before a storm. Old ladies beating people with canes for a loaf of bread... the soccer mom running you over with her cart for a gallon of milk... you get the point...

Finally about 11:45 we were out the door... Headed to Stop and Shop, and I thought it was going to be all out war when I entered the parking lot. It was packed. But when I got into the store it really wasn't that bad! I was shocked... all the horror tales, and it was just like a typical day at the store.

Lesson learned today? The grocery store before a storm really isn't all that bad...

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Anonymous said...

Go now - people were going INSANE at Walgreens and Krauzers haha