Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, Weekend, more Baby Stuff!

Well unless you live under a New England rock, you know we got pounded again by snow this weekend. It started on Friday, and lasted into Saturday leaving us with a pretty decent amount of snow, messy roads, and car accidents up the wazoo. I think in Connecticut alone there was something like 200 reported accidents across the state. That is a ton!

Of course we stayed in the house until Saturday came and I dared to leave with Camden in tow. Will watched Ben while he napped and got some stuff done around the house that he had on his to do list... and I went sale hunting.

I saw a TON of clearance stuff earlier in the week at Target, so I wanted to go pick through it to see if I could get any great deals... A couple things I picked up... (I also included an outfit I found at Carters when I went to pick up pants for Camden)

This is my Carter's find... I thought I would look through the clearance stuff for little girls while I was buying 3T (yes, 3T... he totally skipped over 2T) pants for Camden... $5.99! And it matches the Owl theme for her room... Omg too cute!

This came in a 2 pack package with the white hearts outfit below... Two sets of PJ's with zippers, which are my fav, and the easiest to use... for $3.98!

I was super excited about the BabyLegs I got... each pair was only $6.98 when they are normally $10 and up... I found a couple cute pairs online last week for almost $20 a pair! So when I saw them on clearance, I picked out the ones I loved... Plus with her being a spring/summer baby these will come in handy for late nights, like the softball games for the fire house, etc.

Enough with the baby stuff though... LOL! I know it is cute to look at, but of course I wanted to share some pictures of the beautiful snow we got. Literally when I say beautiful... I mean it looked like it was straight out of a Normal Rockwell painting... or a Christmas eve movie.

Of course the Christmas lights couldn't come down this weekend because of the snow, but Will wouldn't let me plug them in to take pictures at night either. LOL

The view from our front door...
Our back yard... I am actually surprised I didn't get a shot with the dogs because they were out LOVING every minute of the snow. Yesterday when we set out for our trip to Ikea, Will actually had to go outside, and pick up Fenway and carry her up the stairs to get her into the house because she was refusing to come in... You would think she was a husky! LOL

Overall it was a good weekend... I am on a mission to annoy will into getting paint and painting the nursery so I can start working on crafts and stuff to accent the room. He says that he could get it all done in "three days" but I don't want to wait another two months until I have a couple weeks left to start accenting everything... I wish he would just listen to me and my OCD nesting I am having and please me with a whole hour of his time... Its not like it is a giant room!

By the way, yesterday marked my 23 week mark of pregnancy, which means I have 16 weeks left... EEK!


Anonymous said...

love carters, all of Fiona's clothes are from there, and Nolan's too for the most part.. my only complaint is that they stop at size 6x :(

mom2natnkatncj said...

I was totally nesting this weekend (finally) and Joe is not cooperating much. He did set up the playpen/bassinet in our bedroom for me though and moved a bunch of boxes. I need him to put the blankets and sheets away for me though because I can't reach without climbing on something and somehow I don't think an 8 month pregnant woman who has been having contractions should be climbing, lol. So good luck getting him to do anything. I really only have 4 weeks to go, but the doctor told me today if I come in active labor they aren't stopping it or anything. So really any day now. You'd think that would put Joe in more of panic mode and get him doing the things I ask, but then again these things aren't all that important to him anyways. For whatever reason piles of sheets and blankets sitting around just don't bother him.