Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cupcakes & Wind Surfers!

After an uneventful morning of sleep, work, laundry, and breakfast, I got a little wild and decided to take the boys on an adventure. Yup, not one of my brightest ideas today knowing we all have a very long day ahead of us tomorrow with trips to Grandma's house, ultrasounds, and who knows what else may come up in between. But either way... we had a good time.

It started off by sneaking over to Grandma's house and kidnapping her to come with us to Toppings Cupcakes in Bridgeport. I didn't want to head down there without someone else with me and two boys because of the parking situation in front of the shop. It worked out well because Grandma had fun with us. Even though she didn't have any cupcakes.

On the way back to Grandma's house to drop her off, we noticed some kites in the distance at the beach, and even though it is freezing out, we decided to go by the beach and check them out. Camden was super interested. When we got down there we realized they weren't just kites, but they were actually wind surfers which was even more exciting for the boys.

For once recently I actually had my camera in the car with me, and of course my nifty new lens I just got, so I was able to finally give it a good try!

I love the last picture because just as I was getting ready to put the camera away, and get everyone back into the car, I caught one of the wind surfer's jumping in the air. Totally cool. Just another reasons I love living so close to the beach!

Overall, another great day! And I even think we will have a nice early bedtime because of the lack of naps today! YAY for Mommy!

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