Monday, March 28, 2011

Training Day for Will

Yesterday Will had flashover training. I guess a flash over is one of the most dangerous situations a fireman can ever be in, so the more training he can have on it, the better.

I took the boys and headed to my parents where we cleaned the van out, and got ready to add yet another car seat. They hung out with Grandma while I took the van for an oil change, and car wash and vacuum on top of it.

They had a lot of fun since we haven't been making too many Sunday dinners this winter. It is just too cold to go some days! I was able to catch up on some work for the week too which was a huge highlight since I have another appointment for a follow up ultrasound on Wednesday.

Back to Will's training. When I got home I was welcomed by a husband who smelt like he was barbecued, and burnt. Well, he did get burnt. Most of the guys who went through the training did. Although it wasn't serious, he was pretty miserable... I would have been!

The helmets above are only a couple of the guys, Will's is on the bottom left, and that was his BRAND NEW helmet never used before yesterday. He has kept the new issue one because he loves his other lid, and just used that one for training. It is officially done!

I am glad I didn't know what the training really entailed until I got home for the day, because I wouldn't have been able to let my mind rest knowing what he was doing all day long otherwise.

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