Friday, March 11, 2011

One Sick Boy, Daddy, and Lightening McQueen

Ben has now got the sniffles, and he is just as miserable as me and Camden... Well not me so much anymore as I am finally starting to feel better... But poor Camden just lays on the couch, coughing and saying "I'm sick" in the most pathetic little voice. It is heartbreaking.

But Ben, he can express most of what he wants, but has no idea what "being sick" actually means right now, so it has been so sad.

He fell asleep hanging out with Will on the couch very early the other night, with his car in hand and all. This cold is really kicking everyone's butts.

Poor little guy! I can't wait for this nice weather we are supposed to get this weekend... these boys really need to get out and have some fresh air, and that is exactly what we are going to do!


chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

Poor Kambria has been miserable too:( I think she has allergies cause everything is just starting to come out right now and it came on really fast! NOTHING is worse then sick kids.

The Elwood Family said...

I think Ben has allergies too! Yesterday the poor little guys nose was running, and then his eyes were too... He couldn't stop tearing, and his poor little eyes were all red :(