Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week Wrap Up

Well, it has been an incredibly long and stressful week in the Elwood household, which is why I couldn't update as all these lovely events took place.

The week started out with Will getting sick... and of course he is still sick now. Then Wednesday I went for my follow up ultrasound on Little Miss A for sizing, fluid, and of course her head measurements which were worrisome when I went last time. I told myself over those three weeks we had to wait that she would be perfect when I went back, and we would have nothing to worry about. The positive thoughts and vibes didn't prepare me for all I would hear.

After the ultrasound tech took all the measurements, I had to wait for the Perinatologist to come in and discuss the results. Which I assumed were fine. When she came in she told me that in the three weeks time period the baby dropped from the 29th percentile, to the 17th percentile and there was growth restriction issues. At this point we do not know what actually is causing this, so as she suggested I went along with the amnio right then and there to find out if it is anything genetic, chromosomal, or infection. It was certainly scary, and painful to say the least. I almost passed out right then and there.

After the ultrasound and amnio, I had to have a non stress test to make sure the baby was ok post amnio, and I didn't start to show signs of labor.

We should have the results of the amnio within a week, Wednesday at the latest, and I will not be "ok" until after a ton of stuff they are testing for is ruled out. In the mean time I am stress-fully counting every kick, movement, and hiccup she has.

I go back in two weeks for a follow up ultrasound, and at that time, if she has not started to grow more, or at least maintain the 17th percentile growth curve, they may consider delivery. Which would be around 4 weeks earlier than my c-section date at this point, and 5 weeks earlier than my due date.

If she is going to do better growing on the outside, than on the inside, that is probably the best bet though.
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So after 24 hours of rest, pain, contractions, and of course two kids wondering why Mommy didn't feel too hot... I was back up on my feet.

Then Thursday night rolled around with more excitement in our neighborhood. We all know the history of our mailbox and bad drivers, and of course we had another mailbox meet its maker. This time though it was the result of a young, dumb, 22 year old who claims he only had two beers. My ass!

I documented the entire tale of chasing the car down for a license plate number, and how the idiot tried to drive right by as the police were here documenting the damage.

What has pissed me off most about all of this is not that we had to go spend $30 on the mailbox, or $10 on another bag of cement... it is not the money that angers me. It is the principal. First off the city has repeatedly been asked to put a speed bump in at the curve which started this accident, and all the others in which our mail box has become a victim. It is a 15 mile per hour zone, and some days I see people doing 40 around the curve. It is dangerous at that speed! Plain and simple. All the signs, and curve warnings are not stopping the accidents!

The other problem is, this kid was noticeably drunk, and fled the scene of an accident, and was not arrested or cited at all. I do plan on writing a formal complaint. This kid could have seriously injured or hurt someone. I have no sympathy, or excuses for people who drink and drive. They are breaking the law, and deserve all the punishment the law allows. Period.

Anyway... That is what happened in our hood this week. Never a dull moment!


Anonymous said...

I hope everything is ok with the baby, please keep us updated. Have you picked out her name yet?

The Elwood Family said...

Yes, we settled on a name. For now she is Little Miss A, and when she is born we will announce it formally to everyone :)