Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dear Man in AutoZone

I thought once Will got home I would be able to get out for a little bit, go to the bakery and get some treats, and just be child free for a whole half hour. I get in my car to drive there... as I pull into the parking lot my check engine light goes on... I was torn between crying and KILLING the guy who sold me the car in October.

I kept calm and decided to drive over to the local auto zone to have one of the nice young men plug the little machine in and tell me what it is... There was a line, so like a normal person I patiently waited till it was my turn.

As the guy was ringing out the person ahead of me, another employee walked in and was punching in and this creepy guy FLIES into the place with a windshield wiper blade in his hand... asks me if I am waiting, and I told him yes... then goes up to the guy punching in and totally cuts the line. In front of me and two others that were behind me.

I could feel my BP creeping up!
Then after finding out it was a lose gas cap, I was getting ready to leave and the guy SMILED AT ME!

In which I replied... "Next time you decide to cut in line... don't cut in front of a woman who is 9 months pregnant ready to give birth IN AUTOZONE!" And walked out.

The two people he cut in front of then proceeded to laugh till they were near tears.

I think I should stay in the house until I give birth... Because who knows what I will do next!

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Doreen Lombardo said...

When I was 7 mos pregnant to my son I was heading into work and there was major traffic problems. In fact they closed the LIE and we were all detoured which created havoc. No cell phones back then so I had to pull over and wait on a long line to use a pay phone. I waited my turn and dared to take too long as I asked directions since I didn't know how to get there from the road I was on. Some old geezer started talking LOUDLY about how I shouldn't be working and should be home where I belong. He went on a rant about how mothers should be home to raise the kids and blah blah blah and society was ruined because women work nowadays, etc. etc. I ignored him and continued my conversation. Then I hung up, turned around and said "Mr. F*ck off" and walked away. The very long line erupted in laughter and applause. I got in my car and drove off.