Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby Watch 2011

Taken from my post on Being Pregnant today!

Baby watch 2011! DUN DUN DUN!

Talk about this child giving us a run for our money! After a late night, and early morning full of preparing, rushing, bag packing, and escorting children to their respective babysitters, I was able to go for the final ultrasound of my pregnancy to see if our daughter is packing the pounds on, or if a delivery on April 20th– my husband’s late grandmother’s birthday — would be the end of the line.

To say I wasn’t anxious all day would be an understatement. I was on the edge of my seat, and my nerves certainly have been getting the best of me. My heart was racing driving to my appointment, sitting in the waiting room, and of course the entire ultrasound.

I am sure the tech could tell that, too, since I just kept talking and talking… I chatter when I am nervous.

After what seemed like forever, the measurements of our daughter were confirmed by the last perinatologist I will see this pregnancy… She grew, again, and has made it up to the 26th percentile! From the 9th, to the 17th, and now the 26th! She is packin’ those little pounds on, and estimated to be around 5 pounds 6 ounces these days. We’ll see how accurate the guesstimate was once she finally gets here…

So now we wait…

Do I go into labor on my own between now and May 3rd?

Or do I go in for my scheduled c-section on May 3rd at 39 weeks and change?

Who knows, but I am just glad she won’t be joining us today!

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