Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Well at least yesterday! I am a little behind! Yesterday we celebrated in the morning with La La and Na Na, and then in the afternoon with all of my family. Unfortunately in my very pregnant state, I didn't take a ton of pictures.

I did get the kids on their Easter egg hunt in the morning though... they had a blast searching through the back yard for all the eggs that the Easter Bunny left them.

I am hoping to be re-charged shortly after our daughter joins us! I have certainly hit a wall in my pregnancy, especially after nesting again like a mad woman this past Saturday... I can honestly say between Will and I... we got more done in 7 hours than we have in the past month in our house. It felt good, but landed me in bed at 7pm and scrapped the plan of going to my girlfriends bachelorette party. :(

8 days until Little Miss A joins us!

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