Saturday, June 4, 2011

We're Sick!

Well, I thought Addie was sick on top of the boys, but it looks like she is the only one who has escaped this seasonal cold which we are assuming came from the weather change at the start of the week.

It went from insanely hot, with the air conditioning on, to in the 70s with a beautiful breeze. Kinda messed us all up.

Anyways, I brought Addison to the pediatrician yesterday because I thought she was getting sick like the boys. With the boys I knew they would be fine, the little cold could run its course, and they didn't need to see the doctor... but because Addison is still so small I would rather be safe than sorry.

When they weighed her, I was shocked!

One day shy of 5 weeks old, she has almost gained TWO FULL POUNDS!
7 Pounds 10 ounces!

Breastfeeding is actually working great this time around. No weight issues, no allergy issues... NOTHING!

I am solely nourishing my daughter, and I am beyond relieved, as well as proud. Breastfeeding was such a bumpy road with the boys, especially Ben who had to fully stop by Addie's age... and now I am actually doing it!

I must say, it is a huge Mama ego boost!

Also, on Wednesday I gave our one size cloth diapers a try with Addie. I have a ton of cloth diapers for her and even the diapers that "start" at 7 pounds, are huge on her! Hell the diapers alone are as long as her!

She was also clearly irate!

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