Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

We did a ton this weekend, but two out of the three days I forgot my camera at home. While I am super bummed out about that... it also enabled me to have a good time without sticking behind a camera the whole time.

I still had my iPhone camera too, so it wasn't all that bad if I wanted to grab a picture.

Yesterday we went to a picnic at a friends house... on a farm! The kids were super excited about it, and they had a blast. Ben was completely fearless around the horses... He would have walked right into their pen to play if we let him, yet the Bunny Rabbit flipped him out... Oh well!

A couple of the horses... and yes those are mini horses too... OMG they were so cute! And they actually were "rescue" horses. I have never heard of it, but I guess all kinds of animals became rescue at some point unfortunately.

One of the sheep...Dad and his best friend's motorcycles with the horses "Jake and Elwood" haha!

And lastly... the video of the horses playing in the water Camden gave them in their big tub. I have never seen horses play in water like that! One put his whole face all the way up to his eyes into the tub!

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