Sunday, July 17, 2011

Busy Times!

Well, one sick child, crafting, and just life in general has kept me from updating the past almost two weeks. Things have been insane with different activities, negotiating for a new writing gig (I promise I will give you the details once I can!) and changed with the fire house.

I also decided to re-open my Etsy store with encouragement from friends and family who love the hair accessories I have been making for Addison. So I took the plunge, ordered a ton of wholesale supplies and started the crafting process.

So, some pictures from the past couple weeks...

Some of the hair clips I made... (Tons more styles, just haven't photographed them all yet)

The boys wanted to join Addie on her play mat

Great picture of the boys... Addie was less than amused...

And this picture came next...
I love this onsie though... My cousin Courtney, or as the kids know her "Auntie Courtney" made it for Addison!

The next couple days, and weeks is going to bring a lot of busy work, travel with the kids, and day trips. I will be sure to include updates from that... I have been seriously slacking! Sorry!

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