Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Picking

Every year we take a day and go up to Pumpkin Seed Hill for pumpkin picking right here in our town. Well this year Daddy couldn't come with us because of his new work schedule, so I enlisted my best friend Hilary, who also has an ass ton of kids. Four boys to be exact... and off we went.

Lets do the math on this one... 6 boys, and one girl, which all 6 boys doted on the whole trip. It was adorable!

I got a couple really great pictures, although I wasn't able to get many on the hayride since Addie decided on the bumpy hayride she needed to breastfeed right at that moment!

The theme of the pumpkin patch this year is Nautical Connecticut, which I absolutely love since I grew up on an Oyster boat, and went to the Aquaculture school for High School! I also love that my nephew is following in my foot steps and going to the same high school!

I love how most of the boys want nothing to do with the picture. Can you tell they were forced to pose together? This was one of the only pictures we got them ALL in. HA!

This is the picture where I realize Camden's cowlick is completely out of control and I am glad we brought him and Ben for haircuts a couple days after this!

These are our pumpkins we took home. A total of 5!
One for each member of the family!

The one picture I was able to get of Camden on the hayride before Addie demanded to eat.

We had an awesome time. I am still kind of bummed out we didn't make it to the Apple Orchard this year. Typically we always take a Sunday and go to Lyman Orchards, but the Sunday we would have used for that this year was occupied with a trip to the Clinton Fire Department for their open house. We were going to head to an orchard local to them, but they unfortunately closed because of the crop damage done by Hurricane Irene.

Maybe next year right?

Now to just convince Will to get a real Christmas tree this year so we can go and cut it down. Not likely but I am going to try!

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