Friday, October 14, 2011

They Are Growing!

I got some great pictures of the kids out in the yard about two weeks ago. It is incredibly hard to get them all in one place, or in one picture, but isn't that life?

I wanted to share since I have been horrible keeping up with our blog in the past two months!

He loves her, and she tolerates him. I think once she is a little older she will like him a tad bit
more. For now most of her expressions are "Get out of my face kid"

Ben had no interest in taking any posed pictures at all. He just wanted to hang out with Nana
and play with his new Thomas the Train and Friends set.

I caught this one, and it was priceless. It is moments like this I am so glad I invested in a DSLR
camera when I did. This is a moment of Addison tolerating Camden.

PROOF! Finally I have proof that my three year old has a tongue like Gene Simmons! His
newest trick is touching his tongue to his nose. I think he learned it at school.

Look at these two. Don't they just look like they are ready to get into trouble? Ha! Oh, and see the number the kids pool did to my grass this summer? I hate that thing!

I am hoping to get our photos from the Farm up in the next couple days as well. In the next couple weeks we are going to the Apple Orchard, Pumpkin Picking, and our annual trip to the circus.

Camden has been waiting since we went last year to go again, and then he saw the commercial on TV! I almost wish he wasn't old enough to realize what commercials mean sometimes! LOL

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chad * kaity * kami* said...

LOVE the photo of Camden kissing Addie! Too cute! And you're's that time of the year again for lots of fun Fall time posts:)