Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So Long Helmet! - Almost!

Today Addison had her helmet check up and they did measurements of her head to see what kind of progress she has made.

We got awesome news that she is probably going to be getting the helmet off a month early! I know the numbers will just confuse you guys, but to put things into a bit of perspective.

She started off at 96.4%
She is currently at 90.6%
She needs to be at or under 86%

Don't ask... just smile and nod. LOL!

I am really happy it is doing exactly what it needs to, and so quickly. Her specialist was extremely impressed with her progress, even though we lost some wear time in the past month with her two bouts with fevers.

Overall I am so happy for my baby girl and honestly I will not be sad to see it go. Because I know she secretly hates it.

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