Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where Does Time Go?

I guess I really have been neglecting our family blog. Between writing on two sections of Babble and keeping up my own website I realize this one really has fallen behind. I apologize to our family for being lazy with pictures!

I promise over the next couple months I will update far more than I have! I am going to start with pictures from our Easter!

The Easter Bunny left the kids baskets on the back deck after hiding all the eggs around our back yard for them to find. A grand total of 17. The boys broke one in the dying phase. Addison sat that one out... she was sleepy.

Addie with her copy of Runaway Bunny which she absolutely loves. Looks like we are going to have a third reader on our hands which is not a bad thing at all!!!!

Ben was so cute finding all the eggs in the back yard. He needed a little help, so mommy joined his team to help beat his brother. In the end Camden still ended up with one more egg than us! at least they were a little more fair though!

Camden found an egg in his "tree house" as he calls the top of the swing set.

I just loved snapping this one because this kind of wrapped up the mood of the whole day. Most of it with them doing their own thing. It is so interesting to see as they grow how different they are becoming and how some days they just want to be left alone from the other.

It was like pulling teeth to get them to sit for a couple minutes and try to take a couple pictures of them with their eggs. This was the best out of a half dozen pictures I took in this pose. I guess I have to just cut my losses sometimes and make the best with the pictures I get of them.

By the time we got back inside... Addie had successfully emptied her entire basket and was playing. She loves her My Little Pony Baby she got from the Easter Bunny.

I will put a separate post up with pictures from Mom & Dad's house for Easter dinner. I took a lot of pictures since I have been using my camera way more.

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