Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Dinner

Like always we had Easter Dinner at my parents house. Joining us was Will's Dad Bill, my ex-brother-in-law Frank and my nephew Dylan. It is in moments like Easter dinner that I miss my sister so much. There was just someone missing from the day. And it was her.

First I took a ton of pictures of Addison in her Easter dress. Of course boys are cute in their Easter outfits, but there is something about a little girl in their fluffy dresses for the holiday. I had to make sure I documented it!

Over all she loved her dress and didn't really fight it too much. I think she is kind of used to everything that I put her in. I have played dress up with her since she was born. Poor kid probably thinks to herself every morning - LADY! I am NOT a DOLL!

These pictures were the best I could get with the boys in them. They just wanted to run and play all day. Which is totally fine with me because they sleep wonderfully at night. Oh and the one with Addison was my attempt at getting all three children to sit together for a nice picture. She didn't get the memo about photos at holidays yet. I am sure one day she will get used to it!

Then we started all the candid pictures!

Then I made it a point to try and get some posed pictures. HA! What a nightmare that was, but we got a couple.
This was the best picture we got of us as a family. Yeah... I don't think any of the kids are actually looking at the camera. Whatever right?

This was the second attempt. Not much better than the first, and man do I look pissed! Also, never give your expensive SLR camera to your Dad who has broken the point and shoot Kodak you got him for Christmas two years ago... oh say... four times already!

I wanted to try and get a couple pictures of all the children with me... yeah this is how well that worked. Camden ran as soon as Will grabbed the camera. Oh well!

And last I wanted a picture with my mom. We rarely do "family" pictures and even after this we were yelling for my Dad to come join us. He completely ignored us. I cherish the time I get with her, and the moments we have as mothers together.

It is really a special bond you have with your own mother once you become a mother yourself. It is something words really cannot describe!

I know it is late, but I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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