Monday, May 21, 2012

Celebrating the Zoo's Birthday

We are year round members of our local zoo, and this weekend the zoo celebrated its 90th birthday. 90 years old! Wow!

We also went to celebrate Benjamin's birthday because his favorite place is the zoo! I took a ton of pictures when we were there, all with my cell phone though. My camera never even made it out of the diaper bag.

My friend Leigh and her daughter Lily joined us as well as La La - again a favorite of Benny!

Benny hanging out in the log at the zoo with his "birthday crown" on that he got at the gates. LOL

Camden in the log!

Camden being a cheese ball right when we got to the zoo!

Benny with his La La being Tigers

All the kids sitting on the tiger in the zoo, again, acting like tigers. LOL
This was also right after they saw the tigers!

Addie was completely uninterested by the zoo as a whole.
She slept the majority of the time we were there!

 Since we are zoo Members, we got free tickets to ride the carousel for the zoo's birthday party.
The boys enjoyed this because it is one of their favorite parts of the zoo.

 They also got our faces painted.
We all took turns standing in line for them while others took the kids around considering the line was
long, and we ended up waiting 90 minutes.
But they wanted to do it, and look at those faces!
Tigers! Sensing a theme?
These are just a couple of the cakes that were made and entered into a contest for the zoo's birthday.
How cool are these?

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