Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

We had so much fun this Mother's Day!  Will and I decided to take the kids to Action Wildlife Foundation upstate. It was a great idea! The kids had a blast!

This was the best picture I got of the kids together for the day. How cute are they?
All ready to have a great time!

 Daddy and the boys with a Bison.
I am still trying to figure out if that one was a model, or one of the many taxidermy animals there!

The view from one of the parking lots!  This is just a small portion of the huge 116 acre park!

Benny sitting outside of one of the goat exhibits on the rocks.

Camden wanted to do the same! 
He is such a ham!

So this is about how close you can get to most of the animals.
These guys were more friendly since they actually came up close to the gate to say hi.
Addie fed some of the animals with Daddy.
She thought it was HYSTERICAL!
I wish I would have gotten her laugh on video!

She pet the piglets.
I think they were some of the nicest animals in the petting zoo.

These guys were my favorite though.
I wanted to take one home as a pet.
They are baby goats.
We bought one of the little bottles they had to feed some of the baby animals and
the kids had a blast giving the bottle to some of the animals.
The goats straight up fought over it!

These guys were as crabby as they look. LOL!

These guys were just as ruthless fighting over the bottle as the little tiny
baby goats. I guess they miss their mommy?

Last but not least at all, the Zebra!
I think he was easily all of our favorite because none of us have ever seen one in real life
before this! Even our local zoo doesn't have one!

After the fun trip to the animal park we had ice cream, and started to head towards home when Will decided our day wasn't over yet. We ended the day at Lake Quassy amusement park. Someplace with rides small enough for the kids to enjoy.

They had a great Mother's Day special going on we took advantage of, and we all had a blast. Although by then my camera had died! I do predict we will be back there soon though!

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