Sunday, August 26, 2012

Family Photos

Today I set out on a mission to get a couple pictures of the children together as a "family". I need some new pictures for above our mantel, and since Will was home for the day I had the extra help.

I got a ton of pictures, but tonight I am only going to post a couple of them, the pictures of the kids together...

 This is the best picture that I got all day long.
All are looking. No one is crying. SCORE!
That is as good as it gets these days!
 No Addie! You can't go yet!

 With this pose, you would think they are both in their twenties already!
Oh Lord! Save me!

 This was probably the second best picture of the day.

 They were officially done, and ready to go to the playground.
(As promised)

Ben and Addie played on the playground today.

I snapped this when none of them were looking and it was priceless.

After I took this, and uploaded it... I came to the realization that Camden is SUCH a big kids
now. I can't even deal with it. It makes me want to cry for my baby boy back.
Next Tuesday, he will officially be in kindergarten!  Where has the past almost five years gone?

They all did awesome though. I thought we were going to have far more meltdowns than we did. Although the day started off with this...

I will post the individual pictures later on during the week!  Tomorrow is our trip to the zoo!

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