Monday, September 24, 2012

Apple Picking

Yesterday we took our (mostly) annual trip to Lyman Orchards for apple picking. We had made it a tradition a couple years ago when Camden was a baby to go, but last year we missed our opportunity because of Will's screwy work schedule.

This year we went on the adventure with our good friends Steph and Dan, and their little girl Scarlett who just turned 6 months old, even though she is virtually the size of Addison. LOL!

Daddy and Addie before we headed into the Apple Orchard

Addison kept wanting to pick up the apples off the ground. ICK!

Ben ate probably a good 4 apples just while we were picking. It started to become a running joke because every time we saw him he had a new apple and our bag was getting lighter not heavier!

Addie shared an apple with Daddy. I love this picture of her!
The boys wanted to climb this tree. They were so cute the whole time we were there!
Very good listeners too!

Addie didn't really know what to make of Scarlett.

After she warmed up to her a bit she decided it would be fun to try and poke her in the eyes.
Yeah, that game ended extremely quick!

Oh ya know... Just Dan hanging out in a tree...
The men decided to spend most of the time at the orchard climbing to the top!

 Ben didn't want to really take many pictures so I had to sneak attack him.

Camden doted on Scarlett all day. It was really cute!

This was THE ONLY picture we were able to get of the two of them. Addie was already getting up to RUN when I snapped this.

Dan took Ben up into the tree, and I snuck up to snap this picture of them sharing apples.

The mass of kids!  Me, Steph and all the kids. Mostly mind. LOL
Ben wanted to take a picture in the tree. I was luckily able to crop out the adult standing next to him, although it didn't make me any more comfortable with the whole thing!

Oh another apple!
I love his blue eyes in this picture!

 Camden has turned into such a BIG KID!
I don't know when he grew up so much!

 Can you find Camden in the tree? 
Daddy hid really well in this picture too, but it still scared the living bejesus out of me!

Then it was time to try and take family pictures chaos started...

We did get a couple good pictures before they turned into this...

Then the photos turned into this...

 And then this...

We got ONE picture of the kids together before they jumped ship.

 And one of the boys together.
I wanted this to compare to them two years ago when we were there with them.

Steph snapped a couple of us when the boys were off playing in the trees.
Addie was done with pictures LOL!

There are only two words that can describe Addison besides Verruca Salt these days, and that is Daddy's girl.

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