Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to School!

The 2012-2013 school season has kept our house very busy in the past week. Camden started Kindergarten and of course also started riding the bus to school for the first time. Ben moved into the Pre-K 3 room (which we have never had a child in yet). It has been a lot of firsts.

Camden all ready for his first day!

Looking like such a big boy at the bus stop.

Where did my baby boy go?

Mr. Cheesy Smile

My boys this school year!

 Ben on his first day of Pre-K 3, he also erased half the sign by the time I got a good picture.

We are on week two, and going great. We had a little bump in the road with Ben & potty training and the Pre-K 3 room. Since Camden was in the Pre-K 4 room last year, I wasn't sure of what all the 3 room entailed. Apparently Ben needed to be potty trained. We are on day 5 with only a hand full of accidents, none of which were at school Friday or today. Two big thumbs up!

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