Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 In Pictures

I figured with 2010 inching closely up on us, I would do a "year in pictures" for our family, and things that turned out to be important to us....

Starting out in January.
While some may not be happy Obama was elected or whatever, it was a huge piece of History, and Camden was completely fascinated with Obama being sworn in.
In February... My husband got Shingled, and we had no idea what it was for the first couple days. Needless to say, it became panic in our house with Camden being so young, and me being pregnant. But magically, we all survived.
In March, Camden got a big boy bed. Maybe some day he will start sleeping in it? LOL
He loved it at first, he didn't even wait for us to get the sheets and blankets on it before he jumped in. Apparently he decided to get up and read mid nap too.

In April, my friend Julie, and her 4 boys came to visit from NY! It is always exciting to get together with them when they come down for various band events. We got to check out a parade and had a grand old time.

May brought a couple important events in the lives of the Elwood family, so I will start by going in chronological order.
My husband joined the Shelton Fire Department as a Volunteer, which has been an amazing opportunity for him, but it has also brought great friendship to our family.
I must say, the birth of our second child, Benjamin Emil Elwood was probably the highlight of 2009. Well at least him joining our family. His birth sucked as I labored for over 26 hours in attempt for a VBAC and we was born via cesarean section anyways. It was the way he was meant to come, but it was a great disappointment not only to myself, but also to my husband.

And then there was June! We had our real first outing with both children, and we went strawberry picking. Camden ate his first, real fresh strawberry, how cute it was!

July brought a lot of stuff... Camden & Ben's first fireworks display, a visit from "KiKi and BoBo" who Camden will never forget, and the first smiles from our little Benjamin.

August brought Birthdays for Mom and Dad (Ole and Momo) and Ben starting to "talk" nearly as much as Camden. It also brought the hope of a new beginning through my husband getting a new, secure job!

September brought Camden & Ben's first September 11th motorcycle benefit for the victims of 9/11 and their families. It also brought their first Indian BBQ with Grandpa Momo's friends.

October brought Benjamin's first Halloween, Camden's first Halloween that he could walk and trick or treat, our family pumpkin picking, but sadly this year we didn't make it apple picking! Though I did perfect an apple crisp recipe!
November brought Ben's first Thanksgiving, Camden's first when he could actually pig out with us all, his first real leave pile to jump into, and of course, we put up the Christmas Tree and Christmas lights, they became the newest obsession in the household.
And then there was Christmas! Camden's 3rd Christmas, but first one where he semi knew what was going on, and Benjamin's first. We also had Camden's first real snow where he went out and played and actually had fun!

Soon enough we will be making New Years Resolutions and moving on into a whole new decade. It is hard to believe it has been 10 years since the "millennium" when everyone thought it would be the end of the world. How far we have come huh?
Maybe tonight I will get my husband to sit down and we can write out a couple 2010 goals and resolutions to share.

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