Thursday, February 4, 2010

Look Mom! No Hands!

I knew it would only be a matter of time, but Mr. Benjamin is growing up. Today we have officially sat up, on our own, with no hands. So of course, being the typical mother, I ran for the camera while Camden started messing with Ben.Camden was so proud of his little brother, so he sat down to play with him.Ben of course using his "no hands" talent was showing off his alligator toy while shoving it in his mouth which is pretty typical for him these days.

Look Mom, You even caught the drool while it was still on my face before it made it onto my clothes!
Getting tired... Starting to lean...

I cannot believe Ben is going on 9 months old. I think that his developmental milestones right now are coming so quickly and on top of each other that I often forget Camden has the vocabulary of a 8 year old mixed in with a little toddler talk still. He just talks to you like he is a little man and I look at him in amazement sometime. Thankfully he hasn't learned the word "why" yet. I am dreading that day as it became quite the annoyance with my nephew Dylan when he was younger.
I can't wait till it gets warmer outside so we can get out!

Car update: We fixed the Blazer AND the VW! So we are back to being a two car household although with the cold outside, I haven't had much of a desire to leave the house. It did cost us TWO full days of work for Will on Monday and Tuesday, but thankfully we should be expecting our Tax Return on the same day as our next pay, so we will not be hurting as bad as we may have been missing two full days.
Wish Will some luck, he has a test on Monday for Fire 1, his first test! I am sure he will ace it, but keep him in your thoughts!


chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

What a big boy! I read on a message board the other day that a baby Kami's age was sitting up all ready. I told Chad and now he keeps calling Kami a lazy monkey since she is not even close LOL! So it makes me feel better that Ben just started:)

The Elwood Family said...

Wow!! Sitting up at Kami's age?? That is crazy! That must be one.... CHUNKY child. LOL

I wouldn't worry about it... Camden sat up around 7-8 months too.