Thursday, May 6, 2010

Booth & Beach with the Boys

Lots of B's in there huh?
I have been working on getting out of the house with the boys daily. I think it levels out all of our sanity in the house, and plus it gets tons of energy out of them too.Yesterday we went to booth park, and The Long Beach in Lordship. Ben truly is MY son as the first thing he did when I put him down on the sand was to reach for a shell and try to shove it into his mouth before I could snatch it from him. (Not before a picture of course)
When I was growing up, my parents would joke that when they brought me to the beach, I would try to eat all the rocks, or at least suck the salt water off them. Ick! LOL

Camden wanted to sit under this big tree at Booth.
Ben & the famous ShellCamden at the beach too
Ben after I took the shell and tamed the hysterics from taking it.
He did NOT want to keep that hat on for anything!

We topped the trip off by stopping at Grandma's house for a few.And hung out on the grass. Less sand for him to try and shove in his mouth.

We were also joined by Katie and Kammy for a little bit before Kammy got slightly jealous of Benjamin's bottle. It was actually a little on the hysterical side, we all got a kick out of it. LOL
It was nice being able to sit down and interact with another adult for a while! Seems like I get few and far between of that lately!

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chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

Cute pics! That was so funny about the bottle...Kami is such a little piggy! lol