Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sale Sale Sale!

The children needed summer clothes. While Benjamin can use some of the things Camden wore last summer, some of it is still too big for our little guy. Plus I believe that while hand me downs are great, some children should be able to have things that are new occasionally (clothes of course).

So this afternoon Will, Camden, and I made a trip to our local Carter's outlet while Ben took a nap and spent some quality time with his LaLa (per her request of course, I had Ben in his car seat already when she offered.)

Talk about some great sales!
We got a ton of one piece outfits for Ben, all $5 each!

Matching T-Shirts for the boys because they both need them.
Shorts, because magically all of Camden's from last summer that he could actually fit into are missing. (Will needs to make a trip up into the attic)

I hit up the clearance rack for 2 more one piece outfits, and two t-shirt type onsies for Ben. Total amount spent on the clearance rack?? $7! (I am a total bargain shopper)

Overall, I spent less than $70 and got a TON of stuff which is why I love that they opened a Carters in our area. The cloths are cute, quality made, and don't cost an arm and a leg!

Look out for some stylish pictures of the kiddos in their new stuff soon!

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